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Automation Pavilion

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Open & Smart HMI

Over the last few years Open HMI has been at the forefront of industrial automation and operations management  delivering companies the solutions and products they need to stay competitive and achieve business goals.

Open HMI was founded on the premise that industrial automation visualisation should be built on open technologies and enable the free flow of data beyond the control room. Products should be easy to implement and cost effective.

With a host of features to choose from you only need to purchase what is relevant to your project. With open HMI  you can connect to and share data amongst a huge range of data sources and destinations. Connect to a variety of data sources such as OPC Servers, OPC Clients, Databases & variety of controllers .


Lead Facilitator

Name : Harish Kumar Sandesh

Brief Introduction:

Mr. Sandesh has more than 11 years of experience in field of Industrial Automation and has worked with Schneider Electric & Rockwell Automation.

He is currently Section Manager - Application Engineering & Customer Service at Omron Automation Pvt. Ltd.


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