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Fill the online application form to be a technology partner at the National CEFC. 

The key stakeholders for the National Common Engineering Facility Centre are Automation Industry Association, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and several Industrial players as Technology Partners. We all envision integrated technology advancement in the Indian Manufacturing Sector to unleash the hidden potential of small and medium enterprises. We aim to achieve this by carrying out a holistic intervention called SAMARTH Udyog; that imbibes innovative approaches around which Smart Technology Enabled Manufacturing (STEM) can fructify.

The SAMARTH Udyog initiative will revolutionize the production operations in SMEs by improving their quality, reducing throughput time and inventory cost. New analytics solutions help our Indian customers move ahead on their Smart Manufacturing journey, no matter where they are today. This will lead to a simplified approach to analytics converting data into decisions and will allow flexibility to the manufacturers to customize their products to cater the high expectations of their consumers. Hence it will improve the quality of jobs and uplift the standard of living of people.  

We are looking for companies who can work with us as technology partners and bring a change in India.



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